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Our Step By Step Process
HMRC Approved Agent

UK State Pensions Abroad is an Official Overseas Agent of Her Majesties Revenue and Customs

We provide information and execution not pension advice

Here is How it Works:

Phase 1

This will determine your current entitlement to a UK State Pension. Also it will indicate how you may be able to enhance it by contributing in future years until your retirement age, which in turn will be precisely defined.

Step 1: You complete one secure form on our platform. You fill in your UK work and living information into a single online secure form on our portal. Please see our Privacy Policy

Step 2: We fill in all the required forms for you, get your signature and get them to the UK Government Departments on your behalf. There are 2 UK Government Departments involved, the UK Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Once you complete the form on our platform, this will work to populate all 3 (sometimes 4) forms which then are emailed to you with very brief explanation notes for your e-signature. For example, the 2 page HMRC form is published by them has 33 pages of official notes! We have been through these many times and only provide you with ½ page of explanation relating to the specific questions you will have on the completed form we send you to sign. We then mail (yes they must be posted!) the completed and signed forms to DWP and HMRC on your behalf.

Step 3: We review with you the Pension Forecast report from UK DWP once received after 3-5 weeks. The pension Forecast from DWP is normally “quickest” to be returned after 3-5 weeks. Once received we will interpret this for you in a personalised report, with information on the options available to you.

Step 4: You decide if you wish to move to Phase 2?  When you have reviewed this, you can decide to accept the pension that is shown to be possible, and we can help show how to progress to access your pension. Or, at this point, you can decide to progress to Phase 2, to see how you can add further value to your UK State Pension.


Phase 2

This will determine the cost of buying back (and contributing forward) UK State Pension years. This will also provide confirmation on the number of years possible to “buy back”.

Pursue the HMRC State Pension statement which will assess whether you are in Class 2 or Class 3, determining the cost and ability of claiming annual AVCs. Once we receive this, we provide a personalised report for you along with the HMRC Statement to you, with information on the cost and the benefits of “reaching back”. Should you wish to pay the AVCs, we will also email you a letter formatted to your particular circumstances that you can sign and send to HMRC and we can provide information on the correct format of transfers to HMRC. We will show you how to ensure you get proper receipts and the most effective means to continue to contribute until your retirement age. The pension payments go directly to HMRC and not to UK State Pensions Abroad.




Phase 1 Fee to UK State Pension Abroad is €275 inc vat payable on registration

Phase 2 Fee to UK State Pension Abroad is €280 inc vat, payable should you wish to progress to Phase 2.

What is the UK State Pension?

The UK State Pension is a contributory pension which is funded by the UK government and provides a pension amount in 2023 of up to £203.85 per week on reaching pension age. This amount usually rises year on year (+10.1% in 2023), and is subject to a unique Triple Lock, guaranteeing a worthwhile boost annually towards your final amount when retirement beckons.

When will the UK State Pension commence? For people currently above 60 years in 2021, the retirement age is between 66-67 years old. Generally, for those who reach 60 after 2021, the pension payments begin on their 67th birthday. (It should be noted that UK government has a plan to extend the retirement age, but this would be very gradual should it happen).

It is worth noting that the State Pension scheme was revised in 2016 with a new State Pension being introduced. the new State Pension applies to those claiming benefits in the years before then.


I'm very happy to recommend Mel's service. He brought me through the whole process with detailed instructions at each stage and I'm very happy with the outcome. From previous experience, this would have been much more difficult working directly with HMRC.

Stephen - Dublin

Excellent process, great service

Great service. I tried previously to sort out my UK pension contributions from abroad but found it to be quite complicated. I heard Mel on Newstalk last year and decided to give it a shot. The process was made really easy using their online questionnaire, far easier than the HMRC form itself! There is some waiting in the middle of the process but you will have that wait whether you do it by yourself or with UK State Pension Abroad. The results of the process were great, with Mel's guidance. He's also very quick to respond to emails. Would highly recommend to anyone who's been away from the UK and wants to keep their contributions up to date

Eoin - Galway

Great service

Mel and company made a complex task very simple. And very good value for money. The thoughts of navigating the department’s of works and pensions along with HMRC is daunting but Mel and team took that pressure away and myself and my wife are delighted with the results. Thank you.

Patrick - Waterford

UK pensions made easy.

Fantastic service and a very positive experience. Mel took care of all the paperwork and simplified the process. Great communication throughout. I would highly recommend this service.

Aisling - Donegal

Fantastic service and a very positive
UK Sate Pension Abroad