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Apologies, since it is getting close to the HMRC deadline, we are not able to process any new applications in the current cycle, and will be taking applications for 2023/2024 later this year. Please leave your email address if you would like to apply for 2023/2024 and we will be in touch. Thank you.

2023/2024 Applications

Will this affect my rights to the Irish Contributory State Pension?

The Department of Social Protection have answered our specific enquiry on this topic “Your UK pension does not impact the personal rate of your Irish State pension”.

When you redeem extra years on your UK State Pension, you are making an AVC (Additional Voluntary Contribution) to your UK State Pension. Effectively, you are accessing (probably) the best value AVCs that exist. If your contributions are assessed as Class 2 by HMRC, the cost of all your contributions are paid back within 6 months on retirements, and you enjoy the benefits for your lifetime. Even if you are assessed as Class 3, the payback is just 2-3 years.

Your UK State Pension can allow you to double the value of your Irish Contributory State Pension!



I have used UK State Pensions Abroad to claim my UK rights. They’ve simplified the whole process. It does take some time but that is the slow wheel of UK Government. We were made aware of the timeframes. No form filling, great explaining. Took the whole pain out of it and gave me all the info I needed.



Great Service. Clear and professional. Kept in touch at all stages. Now I’ve got my pension rights sorted.



Couldn’t believe with 6 years living in Northern Ireland I could get such benefits. Unreal. And UK Pensions Abroad made it so easy.



Didn’t know my Nursing years in Birmingham could yield so much benefit later in life. Great service! Thanks!


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